designs for interior application

Influenced designs that add a vibrancy and warmth to any interior application.

The abstract digital textile designs are inspired by the details found in the natural world. With visual research by photography, the stunning designs utilise textural mark-making and the latest digital techniques to create these individual and abstract designs.

The clever, abstract designs give the appearance of a three-dimensional quality which creates a deep textural effect.

With designs that suit any weight of fabric, the Influenced by Nature range is superb as accents and focal points for upholstery and soft furnishings.

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about sophie ashton and influenced by nature

Influenced by Nature is the creative vision of British Print and Textile Designer Sophie Ashton. A graduate of the Manchester School of Art, she is passionate about nature’s textures, Sophie specialises in creating both digital and screen printed designs for a range of fabrics including those for activewear, fashion apparel, various surfaces and interiors.

The sources of her inspiration come from the natural world and often in hidden or unusual places, which are then translated into her colourful and beautifully textured designs.

Visual research using her own photography, textural mark-making and her extensive knowledge on the latest digital techniques including programmes such as Photoshop and Illustrator, are essential to her design practice.

Creating the illusion of three-dimensional textures printed onto a variety of fabrics are the hallmark of the Influenced by Nature brand.

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